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Already started on your Lean journey,  but not seeing the results that you expected, unsure of your next improvement action.

Want to improve your business performance, profitability and organisational capability.

BreakThrough Improvement will help you improve the effectiveness of your business and business improvement approach by navigating the common pitfalls of Lean and developing your employee capability to improve the work.

BreakThrough Performance

At BreakThrough Improvement we recognise that change is hard, and that most organisations still struggle with Lean transformation and that’s why we have dedicated our action research to understanding the obstacles to effective Lean transformation and change.
By combining insight of these common pitfalls with other areas of best practice we are able to drastically improve the effectiveness of our approach to deliver a step change in business performance.

Developing Employee Capability

One of my most rewarding aspects of supporting businesses, is leaving that business with long term improvement capability that is able to sustain changes and make further business improvement.

In this month’s focus case study we highlight - an example of a leading organisation that used Lean management routines to help accelerate the development of improvement capability in both senior and front line management. .


Delivering Business Improvement

Lean thinking is all about continuously applying small cycles of improvement activity, to improve the work, develop people and deliver improved customer value. When these improvements are applied effectively and in the correct areas of the business they often lead to a real step change in performance.

This month’s highlight – is an example of delivering breakthrough performance within a Medical/ Pharmaceutical business saving of over $20Mn.


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